Consult a dream Board

Harness the wisdom of your peers through sharing personal challenges with the same small set of peers meeting regularly with the help of an experienced moderator:

  • The world is increasingly complex and disruptive
  • Dealing with the challenges thrown your way is a lonely occupation
  • We all need somewhere safe to tap into the wisdom of familiar friends

CEO and cross-team peer learning groups involve the same six to eight people from different firms meeting together for 90 minutes or so on a regular basis.  Participants learn from each other, share views and experiences, and help each other with ideas to resolve business challenges.

An annual supplement of £1,000 applies for Peer Learning Group membership.



Views from participants

“A rare opportunity to share on an informal but confidential basis ideas and experiences with fellow professionals facing similar challenges in a difficult economic environment”.

“Open discussions in complete confidence and sharing business knowledge across different disciplines” 

“Really powerful exchanges of ideas and initiative all aimed at knowledge sharing and improvement within the professional services arena”

“I leave each meeting with maybe one or more new ideas to consider.”