Specialist contribution

The MPF has formed nine groups based on specialist contribution to the leadership or management of a professional services firm:

  • Firm-wide leaders
  • Client-facing leaders
  • Finance & compliance
  • Marketing & communications
  • Knowledge & technology
  • HR & learning
  • Operations & systems
  • Risk & reputation
  • Strategy & planning

Each group has its own committee and events.Some events are restricted to group members; others are open to any member of the MPF.

Events are also organised that bring together all the members of the management team, known as 'Management Team Together' (MTT) sessions.

Firm-wide and client-facing leaders can also join peer learning groups. This involves an annual supplement on standard membership dues.  

Committee remit

Bring specialists into a formal network. Help individuals enhance their ability to survive and thrive in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape. Organise events that:

  • Encourage learning through an exchange of ideas and best practice under Chatham House rules
  • Facilitate collaboration and debate amongst experts holding diverse perspectives
  • Clarify how group members can best contribute to the challenges and opportunities facing their firms


Event themes

Having a coherent strategy and effective systems are essential to business success. However, when leading a group of knowledge workers, people management issues have to take priority, in particular:

  • How does your management team plan to grow your business this year?
  • How can you inspire them to fulfil their potential and your business objectives?
  • How will you tackle the challenges facing your team?
  • How will you lead them to results and increased profitability?