Productivity Club - PSF leaders as corporate NEDs

Most leaders of professional firms have extensive experience of ‘challenge & support’ leadership. This style results in very high levels of employee engagement and productivity compared with organisations whose leaders practise ‘command & control’ – the default at most corporates. This helps explain the relative success of our sector and its importance to the UK economy. 

Yet PSF leaders are seldom seen externally as suitable NED candidates, despite their unique mix of relevant business acumen and independent mindset.

The MPF Productivity Club, built on the extensive MPF membership base, lies at the heart of the campaign to set the record straight through ‘educating’ the gatekeepers – professional firm governance committees; boards at corporates; the investment community; private equity; recruiters; government; etc - as to the merits of appointing professional firm leaders as independent NEDs.


  • Leaders at professional firms
  • Those at corporates with involvement in appointing NEDs
  • Members of the investment community.


Campaign team

  • TBA