GLO Club - linking local professional firms to Government

Widely recognised as the independent voice of the sector, the MPF is increasingly performing another immensely valuable role. Government is showing a growing interest in gathering views, data and intelligence from and about the UK's largest and arguably most successful sector - professional & business services.

The Government Liaison Officer (GLO) Club, built on the extensive MPF membership base, lies at the heart of the campaign to link local professional firms to Government. The MPF is partnering with BDO and Gerald Eve in reaching out to firms as this will result in faster growth and therefore a more representative campaign.

There has never been a better time to make the case for policies to help our world-class sector and the UK as a whole thrive as the challenges and opportunities associated with Brexit and the evolving Industrial Strategy unfold over the coming years.


  • Official Government Liaison Officers
  • Other representatives of professional firms
  • Representatives of Government departments and independent regulators. 


Campaign team

  • Stuart Lisle, BDO
  • Simon Prichard, Gerald Eve