Campaigning on behalf of a world-class sector

White papers, reports, articles and social media are useful in raising issues. However, change is most likely to take place when those holding diverse perspectives come face-to-face on a regular basis. Each MPF campaign therefore has a Club at its heart:

Campaign Club membership has three elements:

  • Complete relevant surveys, some organised directly with Government.
  • Access the Campaign Hub to raise issues directly with Government, investors, clients or philathropists, and to comment on their issues.
  • Optional participation at local meetings to receive campaign updates and debate issues arising.

Old campaigns

These include:

The MPF Advisory Board is responsible for campaigns, with campaign teams combining Forum members and topic experts.

Individual membership of the MPF is required for representatives of sector firms as this enables campaigns to be progressed while preserving financial independence from Government and other interested parties. 

Sign up for Campaign Club membership via the Campaign Hub registration form.