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As we all adapt to a world turned upside down by populist upheaval, the Managing Partners' Forum is proud to remain The Home of the Well-Managed Firm™.

  • However you and your firm engage with us, our member services create value by helping firm-wide, client-facing and operational leaders, your teams and firms be the best you can at improving performance, increasing profitability and preparing for an increasingly uncertain future.
  • Busy management teams do not always have sufficient tools or time to redesign their firms. A seamless platform with relevant ideas and a Forum to share issues and solutions, increases knowledge and broadens options through learning how others are tackling the multiple challenges we all face.

  • Our Advisory Board, chaired by pioneer Neville Eisenberg, identifies, debates and shares insights into trends that are likely to impact the strategy of sector firms. 

  • The MPF is widely recognised as the independent voice of the UK's largest and arguably most successful sector - professional & business services - promoting its position to Government, the media, frontline advisers and other stakeholders.

  • A Government Liaison Officer (GLO) Club lies at the heart of the MPF campaign to enhance the links between local professional firms and Government through a mix of surveys, local meetings and a Hub to raise issues directly with Government.

  • Our Management Excellence Awards set the benchmark for leadership & strategy, the client journey, operational excellence, and responsible business.

  • Our long-term knowledge partners include Harvard Business Review and the Financial Times.

There has never been a better time to make the case for policies to help our diverse sector and the UK as a whole thrive as the challenges and opportunities associated with Brexit and the evolving Industrial Strategy unfold over the coming years.

Scope - disciplines, issues and sectors


  Events Library  News  Clubs Awards
All disciplines together Y        
Client service         Y
Finance Y       Y
Government Liaison        
HR Y       Y
Innovation   Y Y   Y
Knowledge Y       Y
Leadership Y Y Y   Y
Management   Y Y   Y
Marketing Y Y Y   Y
Operations Y       Y
Procurement Y        
Risk Y        
Strategy Y Y Y   Y




 Y Y Y   Y
  Events Library News  Clubs Awards
Brexit     Y Y  
Cognitive technology   Y Y    
Community engagement         Y
Diversity & inclusion       Y
Industrial Strategy       Y  
Philanthropy        Y Y
Productivity        Y  
Sustainability         Y

Thought leadership



  Y Y   Y
  Events Library News  Clubs Awards
Accountancy     Y    
Actuaries     Y    
Architecture     Y    
Construction     Y    
Engineering     Y    
Law     Y    
Management consultancy     Y    
Marketing     Y    
Patent attorneys     Y    
Property     Y    
Recruitment     Y    
Research & think tanks     Y    
Shipping     Y    




Your contribution

  • Complete our popular surveys
  • Join a Campaign Club
  • Appoint a Government Liaison Officer for your firm
  • Apply to join a campaign team
  • Suggest a topic for a new campaign

Member services

A seamless set of superlative services, tailored to personal needs, allows members to share perspectives easily with and learn from those in different professions and areas of expertise:

  • Events - Engage with experts, peers and respected leaders on the issues that really matter for you. Regular member-only meetings, roundtables and summits in London.
  • Awards - Demonstrate and celebrate your contribution to the success of your business through our annual Management Excellence Awards.
  • Library - Increase your awareness of business issues and alternative solutions by searching our original content - survey reports and over 500 'Board Briefings from your Chief Strategy Officer'.
  • Peer learning groups - Harness peer wisdom through sharing common challenges at meetings with the same small group, assisted by an expert moderator. Involves supplementary dues.
  • Sector news - Refresh your firm's strategy by reading the stories that help clarify and shape the strategies of sector firms, curated daily and delivered in personalised Bulletins.
  • Campaign Clubs - Be part of a strong independent voice on matters affecting our sector and wider national debates through contributing to surveys, attending local meetings and raising issues directly with Government, investors, philanthropists and corporate clients through a secure private Hub.


Enter our Awards or contribute to our Surveys without having to become a member.

Join the Forum to access the Library and Sector news. Some Events and Clubs are restricted to specific groups of members. 

Types of member & annual dues

We welcome individual and team memberships:

  • Individuals enhance their ability to survive and thrive as leaders in a fast evolving and uncertain business landscape.
  • Team membership facilitates collaboration between peers with distinct mindsets, and learning through exploring blind spots.
 Dues - period to 30 June 2018:   Joining fee
Individual membership £1,250 £200
Supplement for a peer learning group £1,000 £100
Team membership £5,000 £500

  Terms & conditions:

  • The membership year commences on 1 July
  • A pro-rata adjustment is automatically applied to those upgrading membership or joining during the year.
  • Those normally based outside the UK are entitled to a 50% discount.
  • Team membership covers up to six people from the same firm based worldwide. For larger teams, contact the MPF.
  • All rates are exclusive of VAT at 20%.

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